Your Life

Your life is our primary concern

If you are on this website, chances are you have a narrow 24-hour window of opportunity to locate and decide on a treatment center that will provide the most effective solution to your crisis. In fact, statistically if the first attempt at treatment fails the chances a person will try a second or third time diminish drastically. So, your life and your money will remain our highest priority. Our crisis response team is and always has prioritized the potential impact of your future happiness, health, safety and financial stability.

Your life and the lives of your loved one needing assistance is the reason was created. We are here to help make sense of the thousands of options. provides listings of facilities nationwide that offer services such as drug detoxification, drug rehab, alcohol rehab, substance abuse, sober living, Inpatient treatment, Outpatient treatment, Mental Health, Dual Diagnosis, and senior care. was created to provide an effective and user-friendly way to search the over 14,000 licensed facilities across the United States. Users can search by City and State of their choice for the type of services they need. The information on our website is provided by - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Largest Directory online

Since 2007 thousands of new facilities have submitted their information to our website in addition to the data. That makes this the most extensive database of substance abuse recovery related services on the internet. Intervention America goes to great lengths to update and maintain the information published on our website. However, we encourage our visitors to do their own research and not rely solely on information found on this website.

Our 24-hour Call Center

Any phone number published on is answered by a trained employee, volunteer or representative. That representative will determine which expert case manager, interventionist or doctor will be able provide further help if needed. Since our inception, over 750,000 calls have been answered during the past 11 years. Over 10 thousand of these calls have resulted in successful completion of treatment and saved countless lives.

Our experts (case workers, interventionist and doctors) have helped families quickly identify the treatment centers that provide the type of services they seek. We effectively educate and clarify the different levels of care that treatment centers provide. We offer no direct medical advice. We may help define definitions and terms of treatment, but we offer no diagnosis and make no medical recommendations.

Your Life Decision

The decision to accept treatment is not a simple one and should not be taken lightly. To suggest that you can just pick the first treatment facility that comes up in a search engine result is false. Often facilities only offer one or two modalities of treatment. There are many types of treatment options available for specific situations.

Locating the best facility in a short period of time has many challenges. This becomes even more of a problem when you combine different types of treatment methods for specific individuals. Most families are not trained or educated in the subtle differences. Therefore, Intervention America has crisis response teams waiting to help educate families quickly (Usually within one hour) on the steps to take to get help.

Updated 5/29/23