Low Cost Drug Rehab Programs - (A.I.P.)

Program Overview

Finally a low cost, long term drug treatment program for Adults.

If you have been looking for long term drug rehab or treatment for alcoholism then you know that it can cost from $15,000 to $40,000 a month. Also you have probably discovered that it is not covered by most Health Insurance Plans. At this point you are wondering what you can do to help your loved one find treatment at an affordable cost.
Well we are happy to inform you that there is a solution and that recovery is possible at an affordable cost. Due to recent efforts of Intervention America, private sponsors, and over 100 treatment centers, you can now get intensive drug rehab program for about $2500 per month when you are accepted in the "Alternative Inpatient Program" (A.I.P).

Alternative Inpatient Program (AIP) is a residential program designed to provide TOP LEVEL CARE at a REDUCED COST. Placement is limited.

When accepted in the A.I.P Treatment Program up to 50% of the cost is paid by private "sponsors" and you pay the remaining cost.
THIS IS NOT A FREE PROGRAM - It is a reduced cost program.
Openings are LIMITED and Call now to see if you qualify.

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