Mary's Miracles Transitional Living
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5302 Lindsay St.
Houston, TX 77023
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Aetna Drug Rehab Treatment, Aetna Dual Diagnosis, Aetna .

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Aetna Houston Texas.

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Aetna Mental Health, Aetna Substance Abuse, Aetna Drug Rehab, Alcohol Treatment, Inpatient Drug Rehab, OutPatient, Substance Abuse Treatment, and Residential Treatment  Treatment.

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, Aetna.

Mary's Miracles Transitional Living Aetna Drug Rehab Program with a primary focus on . Specializing in , Drug rehab, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Dual Diagnosis in Houston Texas area.

Mary's Miracles Transitional Living Facility Notes
MARY’S MIRACLES TRANSITIONAL LIVING FOR HOMELESS Men & Women SUFFERING FROM HIV/AIDS, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, DRUG ABUSE, MENTAL HEALTH, JUDICIAL BARRIERS AND CHRONIC HOMELESSNESS. The mission of Mary’s Miracles Transitional Living & Supportive Permanent Housing for the homeless is to help reduce recidivism of the target population of homeless men, women and teens that have one or more obstacles stopping them from becoming self-sufficient.The management team consist of an Executive Director, License Chemical Dependency Counselor, Case Manager, Program Manager and Direct Care Supervisor and Direct Care Provider. Open April 2007 and so far 81% success rate. Thanks Paula Vaughn Executive Director and Founder

To who ever it concern...I thought when a person posted something it went right up on the message board. Please let me know what happened to my post.And what, if anything is being done,about the clients,that live here.. and the ladies that run the place. We deserve an answer, and a solution. Not it's time to go..too bad so sad, treatment.Here at Mary's Miracles on Lindsay street.Diana 

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: Linda Diana Dee on 09/06/2010 05:37:00 PM 

When I got here July 19, I was made to feel so welcome, by the ladies who ran the place,House Mothers if you would.My son,was happy and comfortable with me being here, and that his Mom would be in a safe place. He works nearby so it was good for him too.He takes me to lunch on Fridays.. On coming here I had prayed that God's Will, not mine, as I firmly believe would be done Through everything I've witnessed these ladies who voluntarily give their hearts and time ,to the clients, uplifting ,supportive,with a little firmness to make sure every ones chore gets done, as agreed, upon coming here. In the treatment place I was, it was required, and it is here too.Anyway I've been happy here. But now out of the blue, Mary's Miracles Is Shutting down. and How would I know that? Because an Officer served the EVICTION NOTICE!! in front of me. And I along with the other Clients, and The ladies that run it, have NO WHERE TO GO.. WOW. What a shocker! What?!! no one payed the rent? or what!!I know my son,payed my rent here.There is one client works real hard for her rent money. We suddenly have, less than 2 weeks to vacate. WHO was suppose to let us clients know.WHO knew this was coming down, and didn't give us time to even prepare.Like WOW I JUST GOT THROWN TO THE CURB LIKE AN OLD ALLEY CAT, WITH NO RESPECT,NO WARNING,NO CARE.i AM very UPSET THAT THEY COULDN'T HAVE the respect to notify my son, who is paying this here. WHO NEEDS TO ANSWER.? We are people trying to get on our feet, how are we supposed to stand on our feet ,when the rug is being,YANKED out from us.My Goodness, whoever is can you sleep at night?.. Knowing that 4 women trying their best, and are recovering(from different addictions,and other problems, ARE NOW VIRTUALLY HOMELESS. I can say that the treatment center. I'm from,would have NEVER done this to one of their clients.I am proud to say that was Volunteers of America..V.O.A. TALK ABOUT A TRIGGER.but I'm not triggered,.. I know I am in God's Will..And His Hands.. I hope someone will listen... and do something Thanks for you time. Diana Dee (recovering alcoholic ) I marked POOR, NOT FOR WHAT IT WAS TO ME ,because before this, I thought this was a great place, and I appreciated it being here for me and others, But with Such a Let down ..I don't know.  

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: Linda Diana Dee on 09/06/2010 02:56:00 PM 

This facility is one of the best in Houston the Director has the compassion of Jesus and the staff do their jobs well. Lives are changed here women are restored here. The facility is beautiful, the grounds are like a serenity garden and it is run according to all state standards. The only clients that are disgruntled are those who choose not to change their lives and who set out to create chaos in the community, other than that this is a very happy and healthy community which I would highly recommend.  

ExcellentExcellent Rating   Post by: Kelly Rueman on 08/30/2010 09:34:00 AM 

I am a former resident of Mary's Miracles Outreach Program and I must say that it truly is a place where miracles occur daily. The Director, Paula Vaughn, is an amazing person with a huge heart. Paula cares deeply for each person that enters her program, making the most of each day, never letting a day pass without teaching a valuable life lesson. It was easy for me to learn to become more disciplined, responsible and productive under her loving guidance. Paula Vaughn would give her last to help someone else, even to the point where she may go without if it was necessary. I learned very much needed tools to help me succeed in life after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. My daily life is so much easier now after following the routine that she set before me in her program. No one will leave Mary's Miracles Outreach Program the same way they entered it.I was not the only person moved by the process. You could see people's lives transforming before your eyes, every day. Thank You Paula! 

ExcellentExcellent Rating   Post by: C Berntsen on 07/26/2010 08:13:00 PM 

This, so called facility, is a place full of gossip, cruel treatment by other house members who are given a "title" when they are new in recovery. The rules only apply if you are not well liked in the house. The director has newly recovering people handing out prescription drugs to clients, when they have problems themselves. I have never heard of anyone being thrown out for refusing to take narcotic medication....until Mary's Miracles. You are not allowed to do anything to help yourself unless you submit to hours of labor, cleaning the house. They have a woman there who claims to have worked for the government and does personal checks into parts of clients back rounds that she has no right to do. Identifying info was given to other clients and then they are given internet access to do their own checks. HIPPA is totally ignored and it is against the law. I believe this place needs to be closed down/investigated quickly before other women are subjected to such cruel treatment. 

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: Diane Morris on 07/25/2010 11:59:00 AM 

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