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Low Cost Drug Rehab

Alternative Inpatient Program (A.I.P.)

Alternative Inpatient Program (AIP) is a residential program designed to provide TOP LEVEL CARE at a REDUCED COST. Placement is limited.


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When accepted in the A.I.P Treatment Program up to 50% of the cost is paid by private "sponsors" and you pay the remaining cost.
THIS IS NOT A FREE PROGRAM - It is a reduced cost program.
Openings are LIMITED and Call now to see if you qualify.

> Adults Only
> NO Dual Diagnosis clients
> Chronic Relapse clients accepted

Program Overview

> 30 - 90 day Residental Housing
> Individual treatment planning
> Group and individual counseling
> Educational lectures and discussions on addiction and recovery
> Relapse Track: warning signs, triggers and relapse prevention
> Supervised physical fitness activities
> Stress management and relaxation techniques
> Pain management
> 12 Step group meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous
> Continuing care, including individual counseling and specialized support groups for participants and their families

The average cost for this program is $2,000 - $5,000. Participating Drug Rehab Centers are rated as the best in the United States. Each case is different so call to speak to an intake counselor now to see if you are eligible!

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